The Schrebergarten is a two-part intervention, first in the form of investigative fieldwork into the workings of a garden community in Stadlau-Smolagasse in the 22nd District of Vienna and second, as an art-in-public space mobile installation.

The focus of the “expedition” was to discover social habits, activities and guidelines that govern this community of Schrebergärten. The field research looks into the day- to- day running of the gardens , the social interactions within it, and the relationships between the Schrebergarten owners and the gardens they tend. The findings were archived in a mobile research lab, a caravan, stationed in Karlsplatz, Vienna from July 29- August 10, 2010 and at Homebase V in Pankow Berlin in September 2010.

This project was a part the KÖR KUNST IM ÖFFENTLICHEN RAUM WIEN (PUBLIC ART VIENNA) program for Summer 2010 and appears in the publication Public Art Vienna/ Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien 07-10.
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